Dog and a Woman — Veterinary Care in Murfreesboro, TN

Just like humans, pets require dental care to keep their mouths in good shape. Here are five reasons why veterinary tooth cleaning is important for a healthy pet:

1. Pet tooth problems are common.
When bacteria from your pet’s teeth gets under the gums, the infection destroys the mouth’s supporting tissue. This is called periodontal disease, and it affects an estimated 85 percent of pets by age three and can be prevented or slowed with proper dental care.

2. Stopping dental disease prevents unpleasant symptoms.
Drooling, difficulty chewing, bad breath and pawing at the mouth may be signs that your pet needs dental care.

3. Anesthesia makes the process easy.
Since vets use anesthesia when cleaning an animal’s mouth, your pet won’t experience any pain or fear.

4. Vets can care for the whole mouth.
Vets are able to clean under your pet’s gums as well as remove tartar from teeth. The vet also checks the health of your pet’s tongue and lips.

5. Poor dental health can affect other aspects of your pet’s health.
Bacteria from periodontal disease can infect other parts of your pet’s body, such as the liver, kidneys or heart. Keeping your pet’s mouth clean is important for maintaining overall health.
Veterinary dental cleanings help prevent disease and keep your pets happy and healthy. Contact Barfield Animal Hospital today if your furry friend is in need of pet dental care.