Laser Therapy Services for your Pets

Laser Theraphy — Veterinary Care in Murfreesboro, TN
Laser therapy is used worldwide and has become a routine procedure providing high-quality care for pets. The application of laser therapy is a powerful tool in providing care through relief of pain and swelling, as a local and systemic anti-inflammatory mediator, as a superior method of healing wounds or injuries, as a stimulation of the acupuncture points (needleless acupuncture), and as the solution to many persistent dermatological disorders. Long recovery periods and extended treatment times will soon be a thing of the past.
"We are committed to providing pets and their owners with the most effective and innovative care available."

Providing Comprehensive Chiropractic Care for Your Pet’s Health

If you are in need of a skilled pet chiropractor to help your pet recover from a sickness or injury, we can help. We utilize manual manipulation and therapeutic methods to rebuild each pet’s strength, pinpoint the problem and work toward healthiness again. This can be a long-term process, but we have helped many pets regain movement. Perhaps the most important effect, however, is the ability of chiropractic care to alleviate a pet’s pain. Pets who become lethargic often do so because of physical discomfort, but therapy and chiropractic care can defend against these effects and rid your pet of pain.

Keep Your Animals Healthy & Safe

It can be disappointing to see your pet go from active and healthy to lethargic and weak. Even worse, still, is thinking that there may not be a solution. Barfield Animal Hospital has several treatment options, including chiropractic services. We serve the community of Murfreesboro by satisfying these and other pet health care needs. If you are ready to see your pet make a full recovery, you can trust us to offer the care needed. For more information on our services, pet boarding or to set up an appointment, you can call us at 615-217-8484.